Spring 2017 Couture: Runway Review and Obsessions

Last week was Couture Week, and I was so impressed by several runway shows that I realized I just HAD to share my thoughts on some of the fabulous collections on display. The Spring 2017 Couture collections of fashion houses Chanel, Christian Dior, and Valentino all struck me with their unique voices and narratives, and I thought brought their artistic visions to life flawlessly. Here are my thoughts, reflections, and obsessions on each.

Valentino Spring 2017 Couture Collectionvalentino-couture-2017

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here before, but I was straight up OBSESSED with Greek mythology when I was a kid. Seriously, quiz me on my Athena and Aphrodite facts, I love that shit. Anyway, when I realized that Valentino’s Spring Couture collection was inspired by ancient myth, I could not hide my excitement. And I wasn’t let down! Rather than sending models down the runway, this Valentino collection presented a bona fide pantheon of otherworldly goddesses who would put Greek mythology’s “Mt. Olympus” as a premier fashion capital of the world.

A through line of the collection was the effect of weightlessness in each look. Light, airy sleeves and gowns gave flowing movements as each model made her way down the runway, giving the overall impression of ethereal beauty. Even pieces with heavier detailing and embroidery had a weightless quality to them due to smart construction and design techniques.

Assisting in Valentino’s vision of bringing the dreams of mythology to life was the collection’s dreamy color palette – gowns were made from warmer variants of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year (I will never get sick of these colors, by the way), to neutral champagnes and greens, and of course, a creamy white that is reminiscent of Greek tunics and architectural pillars. The collection reflects its inspirations of ancient myths perfectly in that it feels raw and beautiful to the core, with an simplicity that was so true of Greek and other Hellenistic belief systems. Hat off to this collection, really.

Christian Dior 2017 Couture Collection


This Spring 2017 Couture collection from Christian Dior was all about enchanted gardens, magical tea parties, and the general whimsy of springtime. This was especially clear when at the outset of the show, models wearing insect-inspired face masks walked down the runway.

From its beginning of all-black looks with interesting silhouettes, over time the collection morphs into something more recognizable with the theme – gowns adorned with petals, flowers, and greenery burst onto the scene. Models wearing gowns more representative of nature wore interesting floral headdresses that stood tall above their heads. The styling of jewelry was also integral to the theme – some models wore thorned and flowered metal chokers while others wore necklaces adorned with backyard animals – butterflies, moths, and even snakes.

Though gowns become more light, airy, and transparent towards the end of the show, there remained a hint of something darker and subversive throughout the collection. Hints of black poked its head between gowns that breathed a sense of new growth. The depiction of harshness amongst beauty, a struggle for “new growth”, proved to be the most compelling parts of the collection.

Chanel Spring 2017 Couture Collection


The front half of the Chanel’s Spring 2017 Couture Collection was extremely wearable, with classic Chanel-weave coat-dresses and impeccable women’s suits dominating the runway. At many points here the collection plays with proportion, as many Haute Couture shows tend to do, but in a way that mirrored a mostly-realistic curvy woman’s figure. The collection takes glamorous turn halfway through the show, where the tailored coats and suits are traded in for eveningwear dresses that are decked out with reflective mirrors and puffy, cotton-candy pink feathers that produce cloud-like volume.Throughout the collection, Chanel’s expert construction sense and ability to seemingly highlight a single focus point of an outfit, whether it be silhouette or fabric (even through all of the glitz and feathers), shone through.

As a whole, I saw the collection catering to the same woman – one who prefers clothes that ooze classic elegance during the day, but isn’t afraid take risks and shine (literally) at the center of attention at night. And though the show takes large shifts from beginning to end, the lasting effect it had on me was one of balance, controlled, and clean. I loved it.

Were you just as impressed by this season’s Couture shows as I was? Or did you have other feelings? I want to know! Share your thoughts in a comment below~

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One thought on “Spring 2017 Couture: Runway Review and Obsessions

  1. Ahhh I feel you on the Greek mythology… I once won a $50 B&N gift card from my local library for a Greek mythology / Percy Jackson themed trivia contest :D But omgsh J’adore Dior!!! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with fairies (triggered by A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and I think Dior captured this beautifully <3 Loving your blog posts (as always!)

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