Women’s March on New York City

Put your Pussy Hats on, because pink is in, and it’s here to stay.

Yesterday on 5th Ave a sea of hundreds of thousands of marchers joined together to walk, cheer, and celebrate in support of the Women’s March on New York City. And for the first time in my life, I took up a sign in support of activism.

I am not usually one to vocalize my political beliefs or to push my own agenda on others, but yesterday I had no reservations in showing my support for causes that promote values for all: equal treatment, equal pay, and equal opportunities no matter which gender you identify as. And that is what the Women’s March on New York City, Washington, Chicago, and other cities across the nation represented for millions of people. It was my first time protesting anything whatsoever, and I could not have been more proud of the event yesterday.


The scene of the Women’s March was joyous and uplifting, with cheers and chants echoing off of the tall buildings of Midtown. The long trail of marchers itself stretched down a blocked-off 5th avenue for almost 20 blocks, and according to some reports, some 400,000 people came out to show their support. People were friendly, the police were helpful and supportive, and the whole event was respectful and extremely well organized.

The protest ended outside of Trump Tower on 55th Street, where the police dispersed the crowd into the off-streets. No one was allowed to get close to the Tower itself, which was understandable. Even though the official route had ended, the buzz in the air seemed to electrify Manhattan for the rest of the day. The LOVE sculpture one block away was crowded with protesters. All over the city you could see people holding wonderfully quippy signs, and of course, those marvelous pink knitted hats.


The end of the Women’s March on New York City, with Trump Tower in the distance.


I showed my support and solidarity for the powerful Women’s March on NYC yesterday, but the need for activism does not end here. Keep your Pussy Hats on, ladies. We’re going to need each other for the next few years.


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