My New Job in the Magazine Industry

This past week was the first at my new job in the magazine industry in New York City. Despite the obvious shift of scenery to the big city (I mean, just LOOK at the view from my desk!), I am LOVING how much I am learning about running ecommerce for a magazine house, building sophisticated website campaigns, and working with all types of fashion and lifestyle magazines.


Basically, my role is to help my clients, your favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines, make their money by running their many website e-commerce and subscription campaigns. Cool, right? It definitely has some intense technical aspects to it, but also works closely with the marketing, development, and design teams within the company to synthesize everything into one flawless company-wide campaign. We work with some pretty high profile clients, too. You know that fashion magazine that you swear is your style bible? I work directly with them to make sure that their marketing campaigns go off without a hitch.

Some pictures of the office that I snagged during lunch hour:

Though on the down low you may have not even known this role existed, it is actually a crucial step to the daily operations of every major publication house. Plus, my team is also the architects of special promotions when you subscribe, so be sure to think of me the next time you get the exclusive free tote bag and other goodies you get with your subscription!

Of course there is a huge learning curve to my new job, but I am up for the challenge and am already diving right in. Exciting things ahead! Next time you visit the website of your favorite magazine, keep a close eye out for some of the stuff I talked about in this post. Who knows? Maybe the next time you subscribe to your favorite magazine, you will be doing so on a website page that I actually helped build!

This weekend I’ll be busy moving into my new apartment in NYC. More pictures, updates, and style to come!

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A twentysomething who is living, working, and finding her way in New York City. Focuses on writing, cooking, fashion tremds, digital media, and sharing stories.

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