Misty Morning

“A layer of mist swaths the beach,

a sheet of translucent white over the salty sea.

The morning chill kisses your cheeks,

the crash of foamy waves rushes up to greet your feet.

All is quiet and still and serene,

except for soft din of breaking waves to the East.”



Today I was absolutely astounded when I walked out of my front door to see a thick white mist hovering over the street. Streetlamps, rooftops, and treetops were shrouded in serene fog. It made for quite an adventure during my commute to work this morning!

As I just wrote, my drive to work this morning was also quite remarkable. Each morning, I cross a half-mile bridge over a water channel to get from one island town to the next. The entire length of it was shrouded in mist.

By the time I reached the center, all I could see within the thick fog was the road in front of me, surrounded on all sides by white. I felt like I was driving on a sky-bridge!

So I decided to make a short stop before work on the beach and snap some photos. The boardwalk looked eerie fading off into the distance.


There is nothing quite like being completely alone on a misty beach while the water crashes before you.

I snapped tons of shots on my phone of the swelling waves, chasing the water as far as I could to take better pictures.

This didn’t turn out so great for me in the end (see the next photo below), but it felt like a frivolous adventure stomping around on the wet sand like a child. It was freeing, really.

I also happened to capture the exact moment where I walked too close to the water and soaked my shoe through to the sole. So this morning, I went to the work with wet socks and shoes. Not to mention my sneakers were covered in sand after tracking back along the beach. See below for photo evidence of my unfortunate luck.


Hopefully they will dry out by the end of the day.

Finally, the misty morning fog makes a serene backdrop to a cheeky selfie.



Thanks for reading!





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