October Favorites | Chokers, Lipsticks, and Candles

October is in full swing, and I am loving the fall season trends right now, especially in skin care, accessories, makeup, and scents. Here are 5 of my favorite October items that I can’t live without.


Chandler’s October Favorites

  1. Vegan Leather Wrap Choker Necklace (link)
  2. Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil (link)
  3. Fall lip colors
  4. ROAM Candle
  5. Numi Earl Grey Tea



  1. Wrap Choker Necklace

I am absolutely adoring this trend of wrap necklaces. It’s the best of both worlds! You get a layered choker on top, and a simple “necklace”, all in one! Plus, they have an attitude about them that can transform a simple shirt into an edgy look. You’ll be seeing me in a lot of these season.

I sprung for this vegan leather choker from Urban outfitters (ya girl just got paid), though plenty of low cost options exist as well. I suspect this accessory will be the “defining” style staple of Fall 2016.


2. Body Oils

I have practically switched over all of my skincare products to oil-based ones. Oil-based moisturizers seem to work better for me than thick creams, plus I love the way many of them smell. Two of my favorites are:

  • Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil (link)
  • Nourish Organics Argan Face Serum

Can I just say for a second how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of Jasmine? The body oil has a perfectly light consistency and the BEST floral scent. I would hoard this stuff if I could. As a body moisturizer it’s great- not to heavy, absorbs into skin, and not greasy at all.

I swear by this Argan Face Serum, which is blended with apricot and rosehip extracts. I apply religiously after washing my face before bed.


3. Fall Lip Colors

Let me just say it, I am a sucker for fall lip colors. The rusty roses, the reddish mauves, and bold reds- I’m all over it. I find these 3 colors especially pair well with the Fall color palette (including leather, of course!)

  • Mac, “Salon Rouge”
  • Rimmel, “Auburn Breeze” 740
  • Revlon, “Rose Velvet”, 130


4. Candles

Candles. Oh candles. I never realized how quickly I could become obsessed with you. After a long day at work I love nothing more than to come home, light a candle, make myself a cup of tea, and relax. Well-scented candles can change the whole atmosphere of a room, and put plainly, smell damn amazing.

I am really loving the ROAM Candles (available at Anthropologie: link) and their unique city-themed scents. My first one is San Francisco, and I am OBSESSED with how it smells. Plus it is long lasting with a 45 hour burn time! I plan on collecting them all.



5. Numi Earl Grey Tea

As a brand, I love Numi tea. They have quality organic offerings of all of your favorites, and their Earl Grey tea is especially great for October. There’s nothing better than a waming cup of tea on a brisk morning. I actually used my last bag of it for this photo, so I’m due for more! This brand can usually be found at your local grocery store- try some if you get the chance! It is divine.


Well, that’s all I have in store for you today. Those were some of my October Favorites- items perfect for your Fall lifestyle goals. Happy tea-drinking and sweater wearing, everyone!

Thanks for reading!



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